Discover staffing that works.

Access the temporary and permanent talent you need to achieve your business goals. We focus on FIT, so you can focus on what matters.

How We Do Staffing That Works

Whether an employee is working with your company for two weeks or ten years, fit matters. At JMC, we strive to ensure every candidate is a great fit not just for the role, but also for your company.

Our proven process will help you control costs, maintain productivity, manage risk and improve the quality and accuracy of your new hires.

Our Approach

F: We FIND the candidate through a variety of effective sourcing strategies.

I: We IDENTIFY the skills and attributes of the candidate through our 5 A’s Process.

T: We TRANSITION the candidate to become part of your company culture.

Our Process

Our process is designed to deliver and administer a cost efficient, high-quality multi-national workforce to meet a project, and/or maintenance need. 

Local Workers


Submit your job vacancy and we will advertise it. No costs incurred for advertising across the sites.


The candidate applies through our responsive digital application.


We conduct a behavioral interview, assess skills and complete pre-employment screenings and background checks.


The new associate is onboarded, so they are ready to hit the ground running.


Associates are welcomed to the family in our customized New Associate Seminar.


The perfect associate is integrated into your organization and culture.

Foreign Workers

Collect More Details

Understanding the Culture of Your Business.

Your company goals will be discussed to align with candidate skill sets. 

Go Deeper and Deeper

Ask away!

Our consultants will walk you through the process, lead time and required documents to hire foreign workers.

You Are Almost There

Getting Your Suitable Candidate.

Bio-data will be received and applicants will be screened with the emphasis on both experience and qualifications.

Interview Scheduled

Filter Your Thoughts!

Face-to-face interviews will be undertaken at the source country. Alternatively, interviews could also be done via Skype. 

Confirming suitability to work

Congratulations! You've Done It.

Flight arrangement will be made upon completion of medical checkup and visa approval. Learn more about the Foreign Workers Recruitment Process in more detail here. 

Ready to find the right FIT?